Safacan Kölemen

Smart Photosensitizers for Selective and Image Guided Phototherapy

Önder Metin

Photocatalysis with Semiconductor 2D Materials and Their Heterojunctions

Giuseppe Lazzara

Pickering Emulsion based on Halloysite nanotubes: applications and strategies.

Erwan Paineau

Liquid-crystal properties and appications of aqueous suspensions of inorganic imogolite nanotubes Affiliation: CNRS Researcher (CRCN) – Team MATRIX, Laboratoire de Physique des Solides

Yurii Maletin

National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NASU)

Dr. Mustafa Kemal Beyazit

Microwave-fluidic systems for continuous nanomaterials manufacturing

Silvere Barrat

Synthesis and the functional properties of thermochromic perovskite thin films for thermal solar applications

Nikolai Lebovka

Electroporation Assisted Processing of Foods and Biomaterials.

Mahammad Baba Babanly

3-D topological insulators as a new promising class of quantum and semiconductor layered materials.

Wei Wang

Ocean University of China, China

EWCC 2021 – EastWest Chemistry Congress