Best First Poster

Nilay Cicek, Sevin Adiguzel, Mariajose López-Tendero, Celia Silvestre, Egon Willighagen, Jeaphianne van Rijn, Hulya Yilmaz, Mustafa Culha

“Influence of Surface Chemistry of SiO Microcapsules on their Cytotoxicity”

Best Second Poster

Roman Barakov, Nataliya Shcherban, Pavel Yaremov and Maksym Opanasenko

“Catalytic Properties of Hierarchical Beta Zeolites Obtained in Concentrated Reaction Mixtures”

Best Third Posters

Anton Zarodiuk, Olena Chyhyrynets and Michael Kompanets

“Millet extract as a potential biologically active component of anti-alopecia drugs”

Veronika Tomina, Nataliya Stolyarchuk, Oksana Dudarko and Inna Melnyk

“Regulation of porosity and content of amino groups during the creation of silica adsorbents”


EWCC 2021 – EastWest Chemistry Congress